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Cobra Over Riders - Fitting

Cobra Over Riders - Fitting and Care

Don't over tighten rod into threaded boss (it will push through the front). Use a locking nut and 'lock tight' to firm up the threads.

 When drilling sides of the front over riders:

  1. Use masking tape to help mark holes only, then 'light center pop' to center of marked holes.
  2. Remove tape before drilling.
  3. Drill 1st hole of 1/8 (use new drill bit as chrome is very hard) then open up the holes in small increments till required size.
  4. If you need to file holes:
    1. File into the holes, don't pull back on the metal edge, this may cause the chrome to lift.
    2. Paint the inside face of the over riders in mat black (this has the effect of hiding the inside).
  5. Never use 'Autosol' to clean chrome as it is very abrasive.
  6. Protect the chrome with a good car wax. This is important!

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