Brasscraft Windscreens

Some helpful information about Brasscraft windscreens

Products That Fit to a Brasscraft Windscreen

If you already have a Brasscraft windscreen you can easily attach both sun visors and windwings to your windscreen.

In addition, if you are considering putting a hood on your car the Brasscraft Hood Bows are fully tailored to fit snuggly with your windscreen.

Do Brasscraft Windscreens Fit a Pilgrim SUMO?

Yes they fit a Pilgrim SUMO. There is a small issue regarding the pillar fitting past the door hinge box. In some cases, approximately 6mm is removed from the top front edge of hinge box, however Brasscraft has also been told that this is not necessary. For further information on this you may wish to seek advice from the Cobra forums.

How Do I Get a Replacement Glass For My Windscreen?

If the glass in your windscreen is cracked or damaged you can arrange to have the glass replaced at the Brasscraft workshop, by appointment. This is strongly recommended due to the individual nature of the product. Standard windscreen replacement companies are less familar with this type of windscreen compared to a standard salon car. Considerable care has to be taken not to disfigure the frame which would introduce stress into the glass.

It takes approximately 60 - 90 mins for a reglaze. An appointment is essential.

Windsreen Instructions

Cobra Windscreen - Fitting and Care

These instructions are for either a new windscreen or after a reglaze.

Don't put stress into the screen i.e by squeezing the pillars together, or pulling the pillars apart or distorting in any way. This may involve shimming the mounting points or adjusting the pillars in other ways.

The centre bracket angle may need to be adjusted. Only use supplied screws. Always check length. (The glass is very close).

The bottom rubber should flap forward.

Keep the screen in prime condition during build by cutting of the ends of the bag and fit pillars.

Due to subtle differences in new glass after a reglaze the screen frame may not fit in the same way as it came off the car, so take care to adjust the pillars accordingly.

Protect the chrome with a good car wax.

Never use 'Autosol' to clean chrome as it is very abrasive.

Repeated Windscreen Glass Cracking

Should you find that your windscreen glass is repeatly cracking, and not due to standard reasons ie stones, this is often due to stress within the glass.

If you have had your windscreen replaced by a standard windscreen replacement company this may have introduced excessive stresses into the glass due to the disfigurement of the frame.

Or, it may be the way it is fitted to the car. If it is a Brasscraft windscreen you should follow the supplied fitting guidelines which can be found in this FAQ section. It is important that no stress is applied to the pillars at the point of fitting.

end FAQ

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